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I just watched Talulah Riley (why are you still blonde?) and Dominic Cooper present the nominations. They weren't really surprising, but I guess I have lots of feelings. Here is the link.

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Romola Garai for ALL THE AWARDS!

Click for the Golden Globes list of nominations.

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Ugh, crappy day, why so crappy? I got another rejection email today. Half the people I send them to don't even bother replaying or are being really really slow about it. I also totally wasted ten euros on the train because I thought my dentist appointment was today, but it was yesterday. Fail.

Grrr, why is job hunting so hard?!?! To be fair I have enough saved up that I'll be okay for a year or so, and it's not like I don't have things to do (still working on that comp lit graduate paper), but it's just so depressing when you send your CV out and then just do not hear back. At all.

So this is pretty much my version of Bridget Jones' All By Myself. Oh Murray, only you understand.

Okay, happier thoughts.

MISFITS TOMORROW WHOOOOOOO! I've missed this show so much. I've missed Nathan an embarrassing amount!

I haven't watched Spooks yet because I am a wimp. I'm actually thinking of just skipping the season finale and starting again with next season. Hopefully with more Dimitri. Yum!

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Today, my friend was driving me home from another friend's house. We've been going to the film festival together for about four years now. I phoned and emailed her my picks four days ago.

Me, tentatively: Um, so have you had a chance to look at the film schedule?

Her: No, I've been too busy. Besides I want to get the little booklet, I hate looking the films up on the internet.

Me: Oh, I've got an extra one at home I think, I can give it to you when you drop me off if you've got five minutes. (because you can't park directly in front of my house)

Her: No, that's okay. I'll get it myself when I'm next in town.

Me (internal monologue): FUCK it's Saturday and then Sunday, which means you'll get it on Monday, and the earliest you'll have it done is Tuesday morning, except you fucking won't and I'll have to act like a whiny little bitch so you'll actually get it done by the middle of the week and I want to stab you with a fork!

Me (out loud): Oh, okay.


Do I need to take yoga classes or something? Are normal people usually more zen?

Stop. Silly dance time.

RARMITAGE! RARMITAGE! RARMITAGE! Obviously what I am being so incredibly articulate about is this. TRALALA! RARMITAGE! And other awesome cast members!

Off to do some skipping in a field.

p.s. He's also in Captain America, what? Is that the oddly titled quirky indie rom-com with him and Hayley Atwell or has wishful thinking completely taken over my brain? Is he the villain? I could get behind that. Especially if it includes Guy/Marian levels of inappropriate UST.

p.p.s.  Also, apparently when you do a google image search for Lucy Griffiths you find awesome stuff like pictures of her and her boyfriend and some other people that are on tv. And Angel with a puppy! Oh Merlin cast, I love you!Pics of awesome!Collapse )

Self control? What is self control?

Every year when the Ljubljana Film Festival schedule comes out, I promise myself that I will only go see about six films, tops. And then there's the schedule and I've got a list of twenty, that I then narrow down to twelve and at that point have nothing left to cut. Blah!

So, this year's shortlist, and yes, I am aware it is predominantly boringly Anglo-American:

Winter's Bone
Les Amours Imaginaries (Heartbeats)
The Unloved
Certified Copy
Another Year
Life During Wartime

And then one of the following: Le pere de mes enfants, Tamara Drewe and Buried. I might go with the French since I'm fairly certain the other two will either be released here anyway or will at least be more available.

So yeah, stuck on nine. Um, please tell me which four of these films are crap?


David Tennant (Single Father), David Morrissey (Thorne) and Rupert Penry Jones (Whitechapel second season) all back on TV within the same week? Hurrah. Except for the fact that I already watch sixteen (yeah, 16) tv shows a week, so this brings it up to nineteen. Um, yeah.  

Dear Merlin,
Thanks for making me feel like a complete pervert. Couldn't you just have, I don't know, Uther make her his heir in case anything happens to Arthur? Also, the whole Evil!Morgana plot is getting a bit dull, and I'm a little annoyed that we're only getting episodes that are either Evil!Morgana or comic relief. Although you do make up for it with Arthur/Gwen cuteness and hot knights.

Also, this BBC drama autumn/winter preview makes me so happy. Doctor Who! Single Father! The Crimson Petal and the White! Silk! Outcasts! South Riding! Upstairs Downstairs! Women in Love! I can't wait to watch at least three quarters of the things in this preview! Yay, television!

Speaking of quality tv, I am loving Downton Abbey. The cast is amazing, it's beautifully shot, and I just unapologetically adore period drama.


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